Cover the Gaps in Your Health Care Coverage Through Proper Medicare Planning

Cover the Gaps in Your Health Care Coverage Through Proper Medicare Planning

Find out about Medicare supplements in Yakima, WA, Central Washington, and all surrounding areas.

When you're choosing a Medicare plan, you need to consider what is and isn't covered. Medigap policies are sold by private companies and cover part or all of Medicare cost sharing. Make sure your health needs are covered by reaching out to Richard L. Miller, LLC. When it comes to Medicare planning, he's one of the best independent specialists in Yakima, WA serving Central Washington and all surrounding areas.

If you need help choosing a Medicare plan, call 509-902-1850 now to speak to an expert.

Additional information regarding Medicare supplements is as follows:



  • This plan is also referred to as Medigap
  • No need to choose a particular doctor; the provider needs only to accept Medicare
  • Little or no out-of-pocket cost; i.e., co-pays, co-insurance, deductibles
  • No annual enrollment period, according to Washington State regulations
  • Automated claims process
  • Plans offered state-wide and coverage works the same out of home area or state
  • Can move from one company or plan to another on a guarantee issue basis any time of year, according to Washington State regulations
  • Community rating, meaning there is no additional charge for your age
  • Can move to an advantage plan during AEP
  • Generally higher premiums than Advantage plans
  • Prescription coverage is not included, and there are no additional benefits with few exceptions







For more information about Medicare supplements in and around Central Washington, turn to Richard L. Miller.