An Alternative to Medicare Supplements

An Alternative to Medicare Supplements

Find Medicare advantage plans in Yakima, WA, Central Washington and all surrounding areas now

Sorting through your Medicare coverage choices can feel overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. If you're thinking about choosing a Medicare Advantage plan, turn to Richard L. Miller, LLC. He has extensive knowledge regarding Medicare coverage choices for Yakima, WA and Central Washington residents. He'll lay out the information you need in uncomplicated terms that you can understand.

Some important information to note about your Medicare advantage plan:

  • This is also referred to as Medicare part C, MA, or MAPD
  • This plan has a provider list
  • This plan has network restrictions
  • For the most part, you can change plans just once per year during the AEP (annual enrollment period) unless are there are special circumstances
  • Claims are filed with your carrier, not Medicare
  • Plans are offered on a county by county basis
  • Prescription coverage is usually included
  • Additional benefits for vision, dental, and hearing may be included
  • Can move to supplement during AEP or OEP, but note that underwriting may be required 


Richard L. Miller will sit down with you and help you pick the best plan. Since he's an independent specialist, he can provide unbiased advice. Call 509-902-1850 now to get more information from a Medicare specialist in Yakima, WA, serving Central Washington and all surrounding areas.